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What to Expect in the Housing Market

Evan & Greg Skinner January 16, 2023 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

Selling Before the Holidays

Evan Skinner December 17, 2022 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment


5 Tips to Maximize the Sale of Your House

C. Greg Skinner May 3, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

This is a great time for homeowners who are ready to make a move to sell their homes. The number of homes on the market is incredibly low, driving up buyer competition. Homeowners have leverage to…

Should You Sell Your Home Now?

C. Greg Skinner April 20, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

With home prices are at an all-time high, many people are wondering if this is a good time to sell. 

Should You Sell Your Vacation Home?

C. Greg Skinner April 15, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

Travel is starting to resume as more people are getting vaccinated and wanting to leave their homes.

Is Now a Good Time to Downsize?

Greg Skinner April 13, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

The pandemic has many people reevaluating what they consider to be important in their lives. Where they live is one of the things many are considering. Senior Economist at, George Ratiu,

Don't Be Tempted to Try to Sell Your Home on Your Own

C. Greg Skinner April 8, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

Right now it is a sellers’ market. So some homeowners may think they can sell their house on their own (known as For Sale By Owner, or FSBO) instead of working with an experienced real estate…

Should You Renovate Before You List Your Home?

Greg Skinner March 29, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

Homeowners often feel they need to do some remodeling to their house before listing it for sale. In today's market with so many buyers competing for available homes, renovations may not be as vital…

Should You Think About Listing Prices Like an Auction Reserve Price?

C. Greg Skinner March 26, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

For years, the homebuying process never really changed. When pricing a home, the seller would look at the comparable homes on the market and add a little extra to give themselves room to negotiate.…

Reasons to Consider Selling This Spring

Greg Skinner March 10, 2021 Sellers Leave a Comment

Have you been thinking about selling your home? This spring is one of the best times to put your home on the market and the Central Ohio real estate market is booming.

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