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Waiting to Buy a Home Might Cost You Thousands

Waiting to Buy a Home Might Cost You Thousands

Evan & Greg Skinner May 8, 2021 Buying a Home Leave a Comment

If you are one of those people sitting on the fence trying to decide if it is a good time to buy a home, ask yourself two simple questions
Do I think home values will be higher a year from now?
Do I think mortgage rates will be higher a year from now?

Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions.
Where will home prices be a year from now?
The most recent projections from the major industry forecasters, show that the expectation is home prices will increase by 7.7%. Let’s use a home  that’s valued today at $325,000 as an example.

If the buyer makes a 10% down payment ($32,500), they’ll end up borrowing $292,500 for their mortgage. Applying the projected rate of home price appreciation, that same house will cost $350,025 next year.
With a 10% down payment ($35,003), they’d then have to borrow $315,022.
As a result of rising home prices alone, a prospective buyer will have to put down an additional $2,503 and borrow an additional $22,523 just for waiting a year to make their move.

Where will mortgage rates be a year from now?
Today, mortgage rates are hovering around 3%. However, most experts believe they’ll rise as the economy continues to recover. Any increase in the mortgage rate will also increase a purchaser’s cost.

Here are the forecasts for the first quarter of 2022 from four major entities:
Freddie Mac – 3.5%
Fannie Mae – 3.5%
National Association of Realtors – 3.5%
Mortgage Bankers Association – 3.9%

The projections average out to 3.6% among these four forecasts, a jump up from where they are today.

What does it mean to you if home values and mortgage rates increase?
A buyer will pay a lot more in mortgage payments each month if both of these variables increase. Assuming a buyer purchases a $325,000 home this year with a 30-year fixed-rate loan at 3% after making a 10% down payment, their monthly principal and interest payment would be $1,233.

That same home one year from now could be $350,025, and the mortgage rate could be 3.6% (based on the industry forecasts mentioned above). That monthly principal and interest payment, after putting down 10%, totals $1,432.

The difference in the monthly mortgage payment would be $199. That’s $2,388 more per year and $71,640 over the life of the loan.
Add to that the approximately $25,000 a house with a similar value would build in home equity this year as a result of home price appreciation, and the total net worth increase a purchaser could gain by buying this year is nearly $100,000. That’s a small fortune.

Bottom Line
When asking if they should buy a home, many potential buyers think of the nonfinancial benefits of owning a home. When asking when to buy, the financial benefits make it clear that doing so now is much more advantageous than waiting until next year.

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