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5 Tips to Boost Your Credit Score

Greg Skinner March 22, 2021 Tips for Buyers Leave a Comment

Confused about credit scores? A credit score is a three-digit number, usually on a scale of 300 to 850 used to determine how creditworthy you are.  The higher the score, the better a borrower…

Should You Get Pre-Approved?

Greg Skinner March 19, 2021 Buying a Home Leave a Comment

Today's very competitive market can make home-buying more difficult, but there are ways to succeed in getting your dream home.

How to Make an Offer to Get Your Dream Home

Greg Skinner March 16, 2021 Leave a Comment

It is a  strong sellers’ market, which means you are going up against more buyers competing for fewer available homes. If you want to prevail in a seller's market you need to know a few rules.…

Mortgage Rates are Projected to Increase

C. Greg Skinner March 4, 2021 Tips for Buyers Leave a Comment

Mortgage rates are projected to increase and here is what it means to you.Right now we have historically low mortgage rates. Over the last fifty years, the average on a Freddie Mac 30-year…

Should You Put 20% Down?

C. Greg Skinner March 3, 2021 Tips for Buyers Leave a Comment

Many people wonder if it is necessary to put 20% down for a new home.  There are lots of lower down payment options available for qualified buyers who don’t want to put 20% down, but it is…

Record Low Housing Inventory & What It Means for You!

Greg Skinner February 24, 2021 Tips for Sellers Leave a Comment

The real estate market is expected to flourish this year. Mortgage rates that are lingering at historic lows and forecasted to remain favorable throughout the year will help the market.

Benefits of Home Equity

Greg Skinner February 23, 2021 Home Equity Leave a Comment

Over the past few years, you have probably seen a lot of headlines about the increase in homeowner equity. Home equity is the part of your home that you’ve paid off. It’s the difference between…

Your Agent is Critical When Building a New Home

C. Greg Skinner February 17, 2021 Tips for Buyers Leave a Comment

Many home buyers don't know that they can have their Realtor represent them for a new construction. Many buyers believe that builders will offer lower prices if the buyer buys directly, instead of…

Build Your Wealth

Greg Skinner February 15, 2021 Tips for Buyers Leave a Comment

Are you considering buying a home versus renting? Each year, families decide to rent for another year or to jump into homeownership. They examine their earnings and savings and then make the…

You'll Be Surprised by How Affordable Homes Are!

Greg Skinner February 13, 2021 Tips for Buyers Leave a Comment

There is a lot of talk about how expensive owning a home has become, putting it out of reach for most Americans. However, the facts show that homeownership is more affordable than renting in…

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