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The Plain Truth About Real Estate

The Plain Truth About Real Estate

C. Greg Skinner January 11, 2019 Buyer's Agents 1 Comment



95% of Realtors are BUYERS AGENTS and work listings by happenstance.

The reason being, is that a really good LISTING AGENT spends money to ADVERTISE and to get your house SOLD.

All monies come out of that agent’s pocket. There is a cost to all that you see in this presentation. MOST Realtors that list a home, put up a sign and run whatever ads that they get FREE from their broker. Which is usually very little. 

A really good listing agent must truthfully have the hard conversation with their sellers. What is the home really worth? How fast should it sell? What work/repairs are needed to be done to position the home for a top dollar sale? 

When I view a home, I advise you on what a BUYER is seeing when they view your home. Buyers want to see how they think they want to live in your home (even if it is a fairy tale). They DO NOT want to see how you are living in your home. After all, it will not be your home much longer.

I tell sellers, that even though buyers can’t afford that fancy model home at The Parade of Homes, you can bet they have gone through those types of homes and usually hold your listing to the same high standard.

BUYERS AGENTS on the other hand, put buyers in their car, sell them a home, and are basically out time and gas money. As a top agent, I also handle many buyers and I would love to help you find the right home. However, I procure most of my buyers through the great job that I do for them on their listing.

Chances are, you have called me as a referral from a family member, friend or client. You have most likely seen my marketing of the many quality homes that I have sold.I would also like to sell yours and look forward to meeting you soon.

C. Greg Skinner

C. Greg Skinner’s extensive knowledge of the Grove City market has made him No. 1 in sales for over five years running. He has accumulated an unprecedented single-agent sales volume of over $50 million between 2015 and 2017. If you are interested in buying or selling a home, contact Greg now.

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